ToneTune 1.2

New for Version 1.2: Revised interface is easier to use, smoother, and faster!

ToneTune is a multiple tuning fork that lets you set up and tune stringed instruments by ear.

Over 100 different tunings are included, covering common guitar tunings and alternates, and quite a few instrument tunings from around the world!

ToneTune helps you tune the strings on your instrument to the correct pitch by ear without searching through hard-to-find books or the web. Simply select your instrument and tuning, and tap the graphic to get the right pitch for each string. Even better, it can play all the notes in sequence, as many times as you like.

You can also pick individual pitches to play over 10 octaves.


(version 1.1 featured)



Price reduced to US$1.99!

(Customers please note: the free ToneTune LT app has been discontinued and is no longer available on the iPhone App Store. We hope that having the free promotional version will inspire you to upgrade to version 1.2!)


  • Revised interface is easier to use NEW!
  • Sounds open string notes automatically in order, or manually
  • Easy to read graphic interface
  • Includes pitches for one octave higher for intonation
  • Over 100 stringed instrument tunings cataloged, with some alternate tunings NEW!
  • Order of instrument tunings list can be changed to your liking
  • The tunings are based on equal temperament
  • 128 individually playable notes from C1 (MIDI 0) up to G9 (MIDI 127)
  • Notes read in ASA or Helmholtz
  • A4 base frequency adjustable between 350 hz and 500 hz NEW!
  • You can vary the note play length and the pause before the note play
  • Full Help section




The best sound reproduction will be achieved by connecting your iPhone or iPod touch to quality headphones or a sound system. Be careful that the volume is set low enough so as to not damage your ears or your equipment! (please note that neither your iPhone, iPod touch, headphones nor sound system can fully reproduce the entire range of these pitches)


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